Location: mumbai, India

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Life Is Beautiful

I look at U coming out of Honda City

A momentarily thought flashes (shamefully) that of self pity

I look at U, enjoying the Switzerland Beach-n-Beer noons

I curse "Filthy Bastards!! Born with Silver Spoons"

I look at U, entering the Taj, with the Lady in Red

I sigh every night, going all alone to my bed

Frustrated, anguished...I start looking the other way...

I look at U, shivering and covering yourself in the heavy rains

Your plight makes me forget my sufferings and pains

I look at U, counting your daily earnings with one hand

The same hand asks for pennies every morning at the Bus Stand

I look at U, getting beaten and caught

While stealing a bread packet from the nearby shop

I look at myself, look up to the blinding Sun and its rays

Smile, and think, "Strange are His ways!!"
PS:My 1st try at Poem ;-)) Veterans, pardon plz!!!