Location: mumbai, India

Monday, September 29, 2008



1. What is your occupation right now? BDM if that sounds intelligent
2. What color are your socks? Cream
3. What are you listening to right now? A Foolish Global Level Con Call
4. What was the last thing that you ate? Hmm..Apple, Toast n Jam..really happy that am having proper b'fast
5. Can you drive a stick shift? wz tht?
6. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Mom
7. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Yes and genuinely yes :)
8. How old are you today? 26..n yes..shud get married soon :)
9. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? Duh..None ;)
10. What is your favorite drink? A good mousambi juice
11. Have you ever dyed your hair? Coloured..yes regularly cos of grey ones..Dyed..never
12. Favorite food? Italian :)
13. What is the last movie you watched? Welcome to Sajjanpur
14. Favorite day of the year? Diwali days..a feel good feeling throughout
15. How do you vent anger? Be Silent, analyze a lot as to whether I shud be really angry and then only take some action
16. What was your favorite toy as a child? Maybe my Bicycle if that counts
17. What is your favorite season? Winters anytime..i Hate monsoons the most
18. Cherries or Blueberries? What are blueberries anyway?
19. Do you want your friends to e-mail you back? As in?? If i mail them...?? Yes cos i also mail to select few
20. Who is the most likely to respond? I shud write Saumya but I know she wont ;-) I wud have written some names had I written the post in MBA days but now, NONE
21. Who is least likely to respond? All
22. Living arrangements? Good and better than previous ones :)
23. When was the last time you cried? Cried no but yeah got senti while leaving earlier place whr i stayed
24. What is on the floor of your closet? Shoes
25. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are> sending to? ??? What?
26. What did you do last night? Watched a Circus called Bigg Boss
27. What are you most afraid of being lost? Loved ones
28. Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers? spicy
29. Favorite dog breed(s): i really cant stand any animal but yeah Labrador looks cool from a distance
30. Favorite day of the week? Friday
31. How many states have you lived in? 4: UP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana
32. Diamonds or pearls? lolll..thts the most girly question of the lots Saumya :)
33. What is your favorite flower? Another girly one..but greenery in general has a very soothing effect on me more than just flowers

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's Over!!! - Part 1

She saw Him coming from a distance. "Is it Him?" She thought "Yaa..it is"
It was 1:30 am.
She was standing in the mid road.
He saw Her too, felt reluctant for a moment and then smiled
"How artificial!! Why are you here? Why can't you let bygones be bygones? Why can't we both move on?" She thought.
She smiled too, out of a compulsion it seemed.
She saw in His eyes the same desire, the same yearning for Her, the same "love" for a moment. The "love" soon transformed into "hatred" as was evident from His eyes.
"So wassup!!" He asked.
"Eh-huh!! Nothing much; Just waiting for him" She lowered Her eyes, blushed and felt stupid not being able to name "him".
He exchanged formal courtesies and drove on.
She saw His car moving away, thought for a second about all the beautiful moments They spent in that car, brushed aside the thought soon and spoke to no one in particular "Maybe it's the best for both of Us".

It's Over!!! - Part 2

He came after attending a hectic meeting.
It was 1:30 am.
He saw Her standing in the mid road.
She saw Him too, she hesitated, cut Her lips with Her teeth and then gave a smile that glowed her face.
How beautiful was that face in the dim light of half-moon, He mused.
But today He found that divine face repulsive. How arificial, how fake was that beautiful face!!!
He also smiled knowing that "How artificiall!! How fake that smile!!" were echoing in Her heart too.
"So wassup!!" He asked to break the deafening silence.
"Eh-huh!! Nothing much; Just waiting for him" He could not miss her eyes lowering and a natural flush coming to her face on the mention of "him".
He smirked and thought, "Who am I fooling!! Its all over!!"
He exchanged formal courtesies and drove on....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Life Is Beautiful

I look at U coming out of Honda City

A momentarily thought flashes (shamefully) that of self pity

I look at U, enjoying the Switzerland Beach-n-Beer noons

I curse "Filthy Bastards!! Born with Silver Spoons"

I look at U, entering the Taj, with the Lady in Red

I sigh every night, going all alone to my bed

Frustrated, anguished...I start looking the other way...

I look at U, shivering and covering yourself in the heavy rains

Your plight makes me forget my sufferings and pains

I look at U, counting your daily earnings with one hand

The same hand asks for pennies every morning at the Bus Stand

I look at U, getting beaten and caught

While stealing a bread packet from the nearby shop

I look at myself, look up to the blinding Sun and its rays

Smile, and think, "Strange are His ways!!"
PS:My 1st try at Poem ;-)) Veterans, pardon plz!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Advances of Technology!!!

Before u yawn n remember some Ms Kajree :-P dont worry it has got nothin remotely to do wit her...

Yaa but to do with planes and mobiles...

I cannot recall when was the last time i saw my wrist watch to se the time...
I cannot recall last time i even thought of buying an alarm clock...
And i m talking about the cheapest mobile available..naah i m not into that fancy colorful types..for me a mobile is a mobile is an alarmclock is a watch..Thats all

Third time in my life i boarded a plane. Cautious because it was a no frills plane, suspicious because i dreaded the time it might take but i was pleasantky surprised to the extent that whatever free time i get, i prefer going through makemytrip. Irctc is antique for me now.
When Jain used to say to me that plane is a bigger radical invention than a mobile, I disagreed mainly because of its not-so-widespread reach. But after this trip, when I was frm rajma-chawal to smabhar-chawal in 2 hrs, I dont see any reason not to believe him.

But still...there are certain things technology cannot change.
The biggest example is newspaper. I HATE reading e-paper. It has to be in a hard copy format only.
Also when Kejriwal says he prefers a 30 hours train journey to a plane journey for the same price(believe me!!), I can relate to him.
I cannot think of a mobile as a camera and i m dying to buy a digital one (but then its again technology revisited)

In a nutshell, technology rocks, MOT doesnt ;-) (for those scratching their heads to find out the meaning of MOT, ask us the victims, the SOMiites)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Watching FRIENDS

What have I been doing since the last 24 years???
There was a whole new territory named "FRIENDS" lying unexplored for me...
I am completely hooked to it, I can eat, sleep, drink FRIENDS...
But frankly, I used to view FRIENDS as frivolous as in I cant learn anything substantial from it...

The following episodes made me think otherwise:

1. Chandler has a huge huge crush on Joey's girlfriend and one day he "crosses the line" (just kisses her) and next time he is feeling so very guilty for his best buddy that he agrees to stay in a Box with a hole for 7 hours (weird!! but thats all FRIENDS is about)

2. Rachel and Ross just had a break up and there s snow falling outside with both of them looking so vulnerable... n there is a very potential guy wooing Rachel but she cant stop thinking about Ross and dumps that guy for Ross.

3. Phoebe agrees to be a surrogate mother to her brother's kid (Believe Me!!!)

I was completely in awe of FRIENDS anyways..but these incidents made me develop a respect for this serial....

Hats Off to FRIENDS!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Those Two Hands...

A hectic local train journey from CST to Kanjurmarg!!
Jam packed train..no place to breathe..
Then i saw those two hands..
His hand, wearing a thick watch, touching Her hand, filled with yellow bangles...fingers entwined together...
His hand playing with Her hand..moving from Her fingers to Her arm..
Her hand hitting His hand in a way that is scolding yet inviting, angry yet enjoying..

And then came Kanjurmarg station and before getting down i managed to have a look at those madly-in-love couple..

The ordinary looking middle class couple appeared to me the Most Beautiful Couple on Earth at that time....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The MBA Saga so far....

Hmmm.. its 4 months now since I joined SJMSOM. I had mixed feelings when I entered the premium institute..happy to think that yes!! Finally an MBA ll add feather to my not-so-filled cap ;-) sad…because..hmm can write a whole new blog as to why I was sad. But to cut the story short, I was sad because of the continuous statements that I heard from people who unanimously said that “beware!! It’s a cut throat world here. Be prepared for selfish people here who ll not let u know even what they are studying.” I had had some gems as my friends right from college days to even office days. How can I forget the lovely cake Mufeed etc brought as a farewell treat to me!!! And I was on the verge of crying!! Yuck, I have to get rid of this habit soon. ;-)

And after 4 months, has the perception changed ?!?! surely, it has. Both positive negative points discussed above have changed. MBA in truest sense is just a hype. You don’t emerge from the B School with anything extraordinary apart from a fat package from a decent firm. You are not different from the “general” crowd. Because even after 4 months, I don’t think I have learnt something extraordinary. And I am not complaining.

Now, for the negative points turning into positive. Firstly, it is NOT a cut throat competition. Professional, yes but then “professional” word has a positive touch to it unlike “cut throat”. There are people who still have not come out of free-back-riding type of attitude which does not work in an MBA college…may be in a graduation college but surely not here. Also, I have friends here who are close to me, well if not ultra close but still close. Even then I have one or two super close friends in front of whom I can put my heart out. So, I have friends who can match the standards set by Mufeed, Prince etc.

And studies ?!?!?!?! what a farce !!!! lol.. Also eagerly awaited are the birthdays when the whole SOM08 gathers and has a blast in the Night Canteen. Man, those 2 hours are so rejuvenating :-)

Also, I was shocked to hear myself so passionately speaking about my college in particular and MBA in general while wishing Tony happy bday. At the end of four months, I have not only become immune to projects/ deadlines/ quizzes/ exams but also surprisingly, I am enjoying myself and have developed feelings for my college and friends. The proof is when I was seeing Jain packing his stuff for Diwali and also when I was leaving. Gosh, how nostalgic I was…..

One very important change is I have stopped drinking. May be I am not earning anymore ;-) that’s the reason but I know the real reason. I am enjoying (be it summers party, avenues, freshers party) without booze. Haan, cigarette leaving is a difficult thing and I don’t see it happening in the near future also ;-) …

Finally, I had a chat with Saumya..glad to hear that she is also enjoying and hope that all who left the Stinking Place (lol) with me - Suhas, Barve, Deepak, Deven, Sid – all are having a blast…