Location: mumbai, India

Saturday, July 29, 2006

SJMSOM or IITB, eh??

deja vu....that was it...same kanjurmarg station(will i be ever able to go to library in thane again??)...same pizza hut(will me and john ever eat there again??)...same route of lnt bus(will on monday mornings, she ll feel a tinge of loneliness on not seeing me entering the bus??)...

finally after entering IITB, answering all my above queries in negation. cos its a long long drive (approx. 2 km!!- yeah! u heard me right!!) from main gate to my hostel.

Now, my hostel!!! nothing less than a hotel and i m NOT exaggerating..no one, i repeat, no one sleeps before 2 am here.. no matter how important class is there the following day.Food, eh!!?? well...hmm...ok...honestly breakfast and evening snacks are awesome..lunch..horrii...err...ok..n dinner also..lol...ok..but the best part...night canteen till 4 am where u can grab a mouth watering tomato masala uttapam..its th best uttapam i hav ever eaten at the most affordable price(yeah! not to forget we are not earning anymore..so money matters(as it always did...lol))!!

Well, the college is cool..with a 24 hour net connectivity..old habits die hard..lol..
the batch is good..

And now for the main part SJMSOM is just a small entity of IITB...there are so very many courses going on there that SJMSOM doesnt matter to anyone else except we the MBA students. M.tech, MBA, Ph.D.,BE,...phew..u name it, u have it!! The seniors are awesome..I am shocked to see their dedication in maintaining the brand name of SOM.

Another problem!!! Insomnia!!! no matter how tired, no sleep for 2 hours from the time of hitting the sac!!