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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Advances of Technology!!!

Before u yawn n remember some Ms Kajree :-P dont worry it has got nothin remotely to do wit her...

Yaa but to do with planes and mobiles...

I cannot recall when was the last time i saw my wrist watch to se the time...
I cannot recall last time i even thought of buying an alarm clock...
And i m talking about the cheapest mobile available..naah i m not into that fancy colorful types..for me a mobile is a mobile is an alarmclock is a watch..Thats all

Third time in my life i boarded a plane. Cautious because it was a no frills plane, suspicious because i dreaded the time it might take but i was pleasantky surprised to the extent that whatever free time i get, i prefer going through makemytrip. Irctc is antique for me now.
When Jain used to say to me that plane is a bigger radical invention than a mobile, I disagreed mainly because of its not-so-widespread reach. But after this trip, when I was frm rajma-chawal to smabhar-chawal in 2 hrs, I dont see any reason not to believe him.

But still...there are certain things technology cannot change.
The biggest example is newspaper. I HATE reading e-paper. It has to be in a hard copy format only.
Also when Kejriwal says he prefers a 30 hours train journey to a plane journey for the same price(believe me!!), I can relate to him.
I cannot think of a mobile as a camera and i m dying to buy a digital one (but then its again technology revisited)

In a nutshell, technology rocks, MOT doesnt ;-) (for those scratching their heads to find out the meaning of MOT, ask us the victims, the SOMiites)