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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The MBA Saga so far....

Hmmm.. its 4 months now since I joined SJMSOM. I had mixed feelings when I entered the premium institute..happy to think that yes!! Finally an MBA ll add feather to my not-so-filled cap ;-) sad…because..hmm can write a whole new blog as to why I was sad. But to cut the story short, I was sad because of the continuous statements that I heard from people who unanimously said that “beware!! It’s a cut throat world here. Be prepared for selfish people here who ll not let u know even what they are studying.” I had had some gems as my friends right from college days to even office days. How can I forget the lovely cake Mufeed etc brought as a farewell treat to me!!! And I was on the verge of crying!! Yuck, I have to get rid of this habit soon. ;-)

And after 4 months, has the perception changed ?!?! surely, it has. Both positive negative points discussed above have changed. MBA in truest sense is just a hype. You don’t emerge from the B School with anything extraordinary apart from a fat package from a decent firm. You are not different from the “general” crowd. Because even after 4 months, I don’t think I have learnt something extraordinary. And I am not complaining.

Now, for the negative points turning into positive. Firstly, it is NOT a cut throat competition. Professional, yes but then “professional” word has a positive touch to it unlike “cut throat”. There are people who still have not come out of free-back-riding type of attitude which does not work in an MBA college…may be in a graduation college but surely not here. Also, I have friends here who are close to me, well if not ultra close but still close. Even then I have one or two super close friends in front of whom I can put my heart out. So, I have friends who can match the standards set by Mufeed, Prince etc.

And studies ?!?!?!?! what a farce !!!! lol.. Also eagerly awaited are the birthdays when the whole SOM08 gathers and has a blast in the Night Canteen. Man, those 2 hours are so rejuvenating :-)

Also, I was shocked to hear myself so passionately speaking about my college in particular and MBA in general while wishing Tony happy bday. At the end of four months, I have not only become immune to projects/ deadlines/ quizzes/ exams but also surprisingly, I am enjoying myself and have developed feelings for my college and friends. The proof is when I was seeing Jain packing his stuff for Diwali and also when I was leaving. Gosh, how nostalgic I was…..

One very important change is I have stopped drinking. May be I am not earning anymore ;-) that’s the reason but I know the real reason. I am enjoying (be it summers party, avenues, freshers party) without booze. Haan, cigarette leaving is a difficult thing and I don’t see it happening in the near future also ;-) …

Finally, I had a chat with Saumya..glad to hear that she is also enjoying and hope that all who left the Stinking Place (lol) with me - Suhas, Barve, Deepak, Deven, Sid – all are having a blast…