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Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's Over!!! - Part 2

He came after attending a hectic meeting.
It was 1:30 am.
He saw Her standing in the mid road.
She saw Him too, she hesitated, cut Her lips with Her teeth and then gave a smile that glowed her face.
How beautiful was that face in the dim light of half-moon, He mused.
But today He found that divine face repulsive. How arificial, how fake was that beautiful face!!!
He also smiled knowing that "How artificiall!! How fake that smile!!" were echoing in Her heart too.
"So wassup!!" He asked to break the deafening silence.
"Eh-huh!! Nothing much; Just waiting for him" He could not miss her eyes lowering and a natural flush coming to her face on the mention of "him".
He smirked and thought, "Who am I fooling!! Its all over!!"
He exchanged formal courtesies and drove on....


Blogger Shubham Nath said...

"It's over!!" is often a process of convincing one's self than the actual state of the relationship....
i think i understand where u r coming from...
an excerpt very short...but meaning very deep...nice!

6:58 AM  

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